Steppping Aboard

About Us

A death in the family always takes us all by suprise and is the most difficult time to go through. The surviving family members are normaly left with the financial burden of the funeral and life after the funeral. Most families do have funeral plans and these only take care of the funeral. What happens to the surviving family members after the funeral? This is where Stepping Aboard ® comes in. We offer Cash Payout Funeral Plans meant to assist the family after the funeral while the family is still grieving. It is up to the family how the Payout is used, whether for the funeral or life soon after the funeral.

Our Funeral Plans pay out cash for the Main member, Spouse and Children. Parents and extended family members can also get covered on the policy.


To be the ultimate Funeral Financial Provider for those in the low to medium income bracket.


The first help at the darkest hour.


Having been in the Undertaking Industry for over a decade and a half, specialising in local burials and international repatriations, we came to a sad realisation. The realisation that after having bade farewell to their loved ones, family, in particular the immediate family always have a burden left on their shoulders. The financial burden to pick up life where they had left off. This is where we come in, to help ease the burden during the grieving the period until the family can stand on their feet.

We worked out plans with premiums that are quite affordable and payout decent lump sums that can take care of the family.